MPL: Luangmual FC rallies with 10 men to beat Reitlang FC!

14th December 2012 at 12:35 am by michael.lalremtluanga

The round 7 of the Mahindra 2 Wheelers Mizoram Premier League continues as Luangmual FC defeated Reitlang FC by 3-1. Lalrimawia, Laldinliana Varte and H.Lalmuankima scored for Luangmual FC while C.Vanlalrinpuia got the solitary goal for Reitlang FC. Luangmual FC have secured 10 points to put themselves in the 4th place at the table. The Man of the Match was Luangmual FC player H.Lalmuankima

The Starting XI
Luangmual FC: Saitluanga (GK), F.Lalmuansanga, Lalruatthara, Zonunmawia, Lalrimawia, Isaac Lalrinngheta, Lawmsangzuala, Rosangliana (Lalramliana), Laldinliana Varte, H.Lalmuankima, Denghmingthanga (Captain) (Biaksangzuala)

Reitlang FC : Benjamin Lalrinsanga (GK), Simon Hmingthanzuala, John Malsawmtluanga, Jerry Lalchhanhima, B.Lalramdinpuia, Lalramchhuanga, Zion Lalramluaha (Captain), Zohmingthanga (C.Vanlalrinpuia) (Lalmuanpuia), Lalruatfela, Careca Lalramnghaka (PC Lalnunsiama), Zirsangzela.


Luangmual FC played their normal game from the start of the match, playing a long ball to their wingers with good effect. no one really took a long time on the ball and everyone was aware of their game plan. Lalmuankima (Mka) did much damage to the Reitlang FC defenders and striker Denga did hold the ball well upfront.

Left back Lalrimawia scored the opening goal at 6 minutes for Luangmual FC that sent the fans up on their feet. Reitlang FC immediately fought back to get the equilizer but they have missed their important players. They started playing an attacking passing game even making an early substitution to change their game. But Luangmaual FC players were stronger and faster and that made it really difficult for Reitlang FC to get what they needed.

At 26 minutes Luangmual FC got another goal through Laldinliana Varte but Reitlang goalkeeper Ben could have done better. Luangmual FC Goalkeeper Saitluanga's long ball was flicked on by Denga and Dinliana took the ball and even though his shot was not that good, Reitlang FC goalkeeper Ben failed to save it.

Reitlang FC were more determined than before to show that the match was not over yet. Their Captain Zion-a missed a very wonderful opportunity to get them back into the game. They started to dominate the game but Luangmual FC had a stubborn defence. Luangmual FC played the ball out of defence at every other opportunities using the full width of the ground. Reitlang FC gave the ball away too often for they were slower than their opponents.


Reitlang FC had made it sure that the second half was an improvement. They finally got the goal at 60 minutes when C.Vanlalrinpuia's goal gave Reitlang FC a new found hope in the game. There was a confusion when Luangmual FC defenders thought the ball had gone out of play and they did not bother to stop Reitlang striker Sena who simply pass an unmark Rinpuia to score the goal.

Reitlang FC did not only wanted to score the equiliser but also wanted to win the match because at 64 minutes Luangmual FC Laldinliana Varte was given a marching order after receiving double yellow cards. But at 71 minutes H.Lalmuankima knocked in a terrible blow to Reitlang FC hopes by scoring a wonderful freekick goal!

Luangmual FC began to play a cautios defensive game as they were aware of being a man down. Reitlang FC tried their best to get a goal but were in vain. At the end of 90 minutes, the score was 3-1 in favour of Luangmual FC.


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